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    It used to be thought that having a full healthy head of hair and a muscular ripped body were contradictory, if not mutually exclusive propositions, after all if hair loss was related to DHT, and high male hormone levels, how could anyone maximize their own anabolic potential and not have to simultaneously deal with hair loss?? I am personally self absorbed and narcissistic enough to demand both, and have dedicated a great deal of time investigating just how I could have both. All I can tell you is that, after talking to literally hundreds of athletes and bodybuilders, and my own personal experience, it is possible, but you have to know what you're doing.

    In this piece I will delve into what effects certain "anabolic agents" consistently have on scalp hair, so you won't inadvertently compromise your hair, or perhaps miss out on some beneficial anabolic agents for fear they will. It may seem to some like I'm advocating the use of certain steroids or stacks, and perhaps I am. I've been training for more then 20 years, and have rally been around the block in this business. I have never had a desire to compete, but have successfully (and unsuccessfully at times) used various "anabolic agents" to stay in top shape, and will continue to do so.

    My commitment is simply to tell you in a straightforward, no B.S. way and which ones are safe to use. The medical and legal considerations and ramifications are obviously yours to deal with on an individual basis. As always, consult a "physician".
    Deca Durabolin - I've never had a problem with my hair on this one, neither have hundreds of other guys I've talked to. The safety of this steroid, as far as hairloss is concerned, stems from the fact that 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, instead of converting it to a stronger androgen like DHT, converts it to a very mild androgen called DHN. Taken in dosages of up to 300-400 mg weekly it shouldn't produce any hairloss problems, this is due to the fact that, being a highly HPTA supressive androgen, 300-400 mg are no more androgenic than our endogenous testosterone (supressed while we are taking it) would be.. One BIG word of caution: While you are taken Deca Durabolin never ever take 5AR blockers such as Proscar/Propecia, for it would block the conversion of nandrolone to DHN in tissues such as the scalp and the prostate, resulting in hairloss and BPH, which is what we are trying to avoid taking Deca.

    Testosterone cypionate, propionate, etc., androderm, sustanon 250: All of these are different testosterone preparations, they all have the same properties as far as hairloss is concerned: they convert to DHT via 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. That's the main reason why testosterone is so androgenic. However, if one takes testosterone along with a 5AR blocker such as Proscar it's not nearly that harmful for your hair. So, if you are concerned about hairloss and are taking testosterone, always use it along with Proscar. Take into account that DHT is an anti-estrogen and blocking it while your body has supraphysiological levels of testosterone might lead to gynecomastia, so it's advisable to combine Proscar with Arimidex (an aromatase inhibitor).

    Anadrol\50 - If you value your hair, don't touch this one with a ten foot pole. Nothing seems to control its negative effects on hair. Not Proscar, Not Nizoral, nothing...

    Dianabol -Same as Anadrol\50.

    Primobolan - One of the less androgenic steroids. If you are concerned about hairloss this steroid is for you. It's much more anabolic than it is androgenic.

    Oxandrolone (Anavar) - It's the safest steroid for your hair along with Primobolan and Deca.

    Boldenone (Equipoise) - After the Primo, Anavar and Deca this is probably one of the safest for your hair. Although it undergoes 5-alpha-reduction, its affinity for this enzyme is minimal, so there is very little conversion. Moreover, its 5-alpha-reduced form is not as androgenic as DHT.

    DHEA - Does not negatively affect hair in men. May help prevent hair loss by offsetting the binding of DHT to follicles. The product is a Disaster for women with hair loss. DHEA causes hair loss in women much like DHT in Men. DHEA discriminates against women.

    Androstenedione - The worst of all prohormones in the market. It has a low conversion to testosterone, around 5%, which is damn too low. Worse yet is the fact that, before converting to testosterone, androstenedione directly interacts with aromatase and 5AR, thus converting to estrogen and DHT prior to conversion to target hormone.. You will be far better of using testosterone than this scum.

    1-testosterone - A legal steroid, at least for the time being. It's very androgenic and very anabolic. Although it's a 5-alpha-reduced steroid it converts to DHT through an unknown pathway, so using Proscar along with it won't avoid DHT conversion. Its anabolic/androgenic ratio (~(1.5-2):1) is slightly higher than that of test (1:1). Be wary while using this product if you value your hair.

    As time goes on, certainly cleaner, anabolic agents will be developed. The vast majority of users I talked to, have been on Prpecia/Proscar and Nizoral, myself included (amongst many other things).

    Finally, take into account that you should also use topical spironolactone (2-5%) while juicing. This product directly antagonizes scalp ARs when used topically, hence it will be useful with any sort of steroid, even those that do not undergo 5-alpha-reduction.

    Conclusion: The safety stack as far as hairloss is concerned would be a cycle consisting of Primobolan, Oxandrolone and Deca. Take into account that Deca, although being very mild for your hair, is not nearly as safe as oxandrolone and primobolan as far as HPTA supression and gynecomastia is concerned. If you want to play it completely safe when using steroid and avoid jeopardizing your health (and not only your hair) use cycles consisting of Oxandrolone and Primobolan.

    Was für shops habt Ihr für Haar mittel? Sei es shampoo, minox oder azelaic acid, spironolactone, nizorol? Die EU liefern.

    Ich habe hier shon 2x bestellt, jedoch haben die kein spironolactone gel oder 20% Azelaic Acid.

    equipoise /boldenone

    Dunno who wrote this but its good basic info
    Anabolic steroid hairloss

    When it comes to hairloss not everybody is effected by it. Steroids will only speed up the process if you are genetically predispositiond to male pattern baldness. So if any family members are bald you have a good chance of loosing your hair to. You could always shave your head or buy a wig but we have some good information for you to try and help prevent hairloss, slow it down and in some cases even reverse it.

    Hairloss is NOT a side effect that will effect everybody, it is said that if you are genetically prone to male pattern baldness (mpb) then steroids can speed up this process.

    How do steroids effect the hair line?

    A substance called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) binds to the receptors in the scalps hair follicles causing thinning of the hairline.

    What makes this DHT?

    The simple answer Testosterone gets converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by an enzyme called 5 Alpha reductase (5AR).

    TESTOSTERONE ----(5AR Enzyme)---------> DHT

    What steroids effect the hairline then via this conversion?

    Not all steroids effect the hairline only the derivities of testosterone effect such as testosterone enth, cyp, prop, sustanon, dianabol etc..

    Do any other steroids effect the hairline?

    Yes. Steroids such as anadrol and winstrol are derivities of DHT meaning they do not have to convert via an enzyme to turn into DHT they can bind directly to the scalp.

    How do i stop this hairloss?

    You can help block the 5AR enzyme from converting test into DHT by using a medication called FINASTERIDE (proscar, propecia). Finasteride binds to the 5AR enzyme preventing conversion.

    Does DECA turn into DHT?

    Answer no it turns into DHN (dihydronandrolone.)

    Will FINASTERIDE work with winstrol and other DHT derivatives?

    No as there is no conversion via an enzyme. To help prevent hairloss DHT will need to be blocked at the scalp. NIZORAL shampoo is said to help with this although its sold as an anti dandruff shampoo

    Where can i get FINASTERIDE?

    Either from your doctor or from here

    How much FINASTERIDE do i need to take?

    For the normal person 1mg a day is enough to slow natural hairloss down, obviously the more testosterone you take the more DHT will be formed. Anything up to 500mg a week of test 2mg should be fine then add 1mg after for every 250mg of test.

    If you are worried at all about hairloss and have decided to use finasteride then i recommend start taking it 2 weeks minimum before cycle so it can kick in, and take it throughout your post cycle therapy (pct) regime.

    If using it to try and stop / reverse hairloss then you need to take this long term which can be expensive. Why not benifit from 10% off discounted finasteride.

    I have heard about regaine what is this?

    Regaine contains Minoxidil, the only over-the-counter treatment apparently clinically proven to help prevent further hereditary hair loss, showing success in 4 out of 5 men. For some people, using Regaine even reverses the process, resulting in regrowth.

    Basically its a lotion that you can apply to your scalp to help stimulate hair growth.

    Should i use regaine in my cycle?
    Regaine is not a medication so my appeal to some but in my opinion when using steroids the products that target DHT are the best regaine can be used aswell for extra hairloss prevention and for potential regrowth after the cycle has been completed.

    The hairloss prevention / regrowth cycle

    Nizoral shampoo - Use every other day
    Finasteride 1mg everyday (depending on test dose)
    Regaine used twice daily throughout the cycle and continue after

    the above is the ultimate cycle, if your worried about hairloss then dont use steroids the next best thing would be to use finasteride and nizoral throughout your cycle

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    Lies mal über Gluconeogenese.
    Dann weisst Du,was mit Deinen schönen Muskeln passiert wenn nach Belastung,oder besser schon während ,
    nicht genügend Kh und EAA vorhanden sind.
    Nach dem Training immer Kh zuführen.Gerade bei low carb verhindest Du dadurch Catabolismus und schleust,via Insulin,die Aminos in die Zellen.Insulin ist das Anabolikum des Körpers schlechthin.


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    Grundsätlich wissen wir fett und carbs zusammen heisst du speicherst fett ,low carb ist eine art radikal diät mit jo jo effekt
    Ich sag dir halte das fett bei 50g und hau dir 150 - 200 carbs rein 50% der carbs nach dem train
    Den rest morgens und 3 std vor dem train oder 2-3 std naxh dem pwo shake versuch es wie sagt man schauen kostet nichts


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    man "merkt" jedes tren innerhalb weniger tage. Nur weil die HWZ eines Esters länger ist bedeutet das nicht das davor nichts im Blut wäre...
    Ab wann man sichtbare Erfolge hat ist wieder eine andere Sache.

    War lange nicht hier, aber low test/high anabolics scheint in der DE Szene auch endlich mal angekommen zu sein ?! :top:


    Wass haltet Ihr von LGI HALO 75mg und 30mg EPIstane? Neben 350 Testo. 9 Wochen währe zuviel?
    Bin in der 3ten woche HALO, jedoch will EPI dazu geben, da ich gyno probleme habe (Tamox ist eine woche drinnen). EPI soll ja gyno reversibel helfen.

    1.W: H75mg
    2.W: H75mg
    3.W: H75mg
    4.W: H75mg + EPI30
    5.W: H75mg + EPI30
    6.W: H75mg + EPI30
    7.W: H 0mg, EPI30
    8. W: EPI30 ???
    9. W: EPI30 ???

    Habe noch dragonnutrition EPI von 2013 da. Würde LGI dazu kaufen.

    Mein problem ist recht ne bohne links fast schon 50cent stück grösse. Tamox muss es machen.

    Bin noch auf 350 Testo und in der dritten woche LGI-HALO prohormon zu oral-turinabol. Soll ja eigentlich nicht aromatiesiren... (schade das Ich nicht EPIstane zur zeit benutze).

    Liebido und standfestigkeit ist jetzt wo deca fast nen monat raus ist wider gut geworden, hat also gebraucht das es sich einpendelt.

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    Deca-Durabolin, schüttet vermehrt Prolaktin aus und aromatisiert zu Östrogen. Tamoxifen ist hierbei die beste Variante, da Tamoxifen nicht nur über Östrogenblockende Eigenschaften verfügt, sondern auch Prolaktine kontrollieren kann, außerdem wirkt Tamoxifen gezielt gegen einen Brustdrüsenwachstum. Ich würde noch 4mg Mönchspfeffer (Prolaktinhemmer) und 50mg Zinkchelat-/oder Gluconat ed einbauen. Lass das Deca weg, fahre zu Testosteron mit Primobolan weiter. Primobolan ist ein eng verwandtes DHT-Derivat, was durchaus eine Umwandlung zu Östrogen, verhindern kann.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Solte mann noch Arimidex e3d 0.25 dazu geben? Deca ist 3 wochen raus, gyno vorhanden. Tamox 40mg drei Tage drinnen. Mönchspfeffer und zink auch. Fahre Testo 450 die Woche weiter und LGI-Halo prohormon 75mg zweite woche schon durch.

    Zitat von "Gewaltsenat"

    Agnus Castus nie höher wie 4mg ed. Vitamin B6 injekt klappt besser bei mir, als B6 Oral und P5P.

    1tab hat die oben aufgefürten ingriedients (Vitex Agnus Castus (Extract) 300 mg)... Steht 1tab, 1-2x täglich, jedoch schreiben die hersteller offt niedriegere dosierungen.

    Ist es guht morgends und abends zu nehmen, oder nuhr abends?


    Dieses Schema ist veraltet.
    Low Test ,high Tren und Prolaktinhemmung.
    So macht man das im 21.Jahrhundert


    Nur beim Endomorphen ,weil etwa 1/5 vom Testo zum Östrogen umgewandelt wird. (Dank hohem Fettanteil )
    Mesomorph kann ruhig 1:2 ( Tren :Testo ) . Und Prolaktin wird auch bei Testo freigesetzt ,solange Östrowerte im Schach gehalten
    werden ist es eher Banalität ,als ein großes Problem .

    Hm, wahr eher für die erste variante.