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    Laut beschreibung ist es ein AI in flüssiger Form, mit echt vielen Versprechungen was es nicht noch alles kann. :D
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    Formeron is the most versatile AI (aromatase inhibitor) in existance. Its potential far surpasses that of any other prescription or non prescription AI. Gain muscle and strength, lower estrogen as well as increase testosterone.

    * Is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor. This means that it forever renders the enzyme inactive. This is in contrast to non-suicidal inhibitors like arimidex which have the potential for a heavy estrogen rebound after discontinuing its use. This also means that estrogen stays low for a while after you stop using Formeron.

    *Formeron has been shown to elevate IGF-1 levels.

    *In research studies Formeron was proven to be a 5- alpha reductase inhibitor in BHP and cancer cells. This means it combats sides such as hairloss caused by elevated DHT levels.

    * Formeron is proven to reduce SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). This means that there is more of your testosterone free and active to bind to the androgen receptors. In essence, Formeron makes your testosterone better and stronger. A 200mg weekly dose of testosterone can be almost twice as effective as it would be without Formeron.

    * Formeron is anabolic and causes muscle growth and strength increases. Formeron is a pro-hormone. After you apply Formeron a portion of it converts to 4-hydroxytestosterone. This means that a percentage of the active ingredient also becomes a steroid in your system.
    Hydroxytestosterone is testosterone that cannot convert to estrogen. This is a very dry steroid.
    Gains in muscle and strength can be expected along with a dry hard appearance.

    * Formeron can be run solo as a prohormone cycle which requires no PCT.

    * Formeron can be used as your main On Cycle AI.

    * Formeron can be used for your PCT and works very well to decrease estrogen and increase natural testosterone even above normal human levels!
    This means that after a cycle of Formeron your test levels are actually BETTER than when you started. This is in bright contrast to almost every other hormone a bodybuilder might use, as most heavily reduce natural testosterone production.

    * Formeron is non toxic and causes no liver strain.

    *Formeron requires no injection as Black Lion Research uses a transdermal carrier to get the active ingredient into your system.
    This is efficient and effective. Transdermal Formeron is absorbed approximately 1000% more than oral preparations of the same ingredients.

    * Formeron is the best choice for anyone looking for An AI (aromatase inhibitor)

    Formeron is a transdermal aromatase inhibitor (AI). Black Lions Formeron is made from the highest quality raw materials and has the best transdermal carrier possible. Here are some other interesting facts about Formeron.

    - decreases number of progesterone receptors
    - increases HPTA actiivity similar to HCG and Clomid together
    - inhibits 91% of aromatase enzyme production
    - anabolic and androgeniic
    - 'suicide inhibitor' of aromatase
    - decreases SHBG by 34%
    - inhibits DHT formation and activity
    - decrease prostate concerns such as BPH
    - continues to increase HPTA function above natural levels.

    According to research studies "The 4-OHA was found to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase in both BPH and cancer tissue"
    Formeron is also a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.
    This means that on top of reducing estrogen related sides and raising testosterone levels it also reduces DHT related side effects like Hair loss and prostate enlargement.

    In addition, formeron is a prohormone. This means that is converts into another compound after ingestion. In this case Formeron converts to a steroid called 4- hydroxytestosterone. This steroid is literally testosterone that cannot be converted to estrogen. This means you get all of the anabolism of testosterone and none of the estrogenic sides associated with its use. This steroid gives the user a dry hard appearance making Formeron a great addition to a pre contest stack or for those looking to get in the best shape of their lives. Our transdermal carrier is designed for maximum skin penetration and maximum absorption while leaving the skin hydrated.
    Formeron is hand compounded by a select group of compounding pharmacists and as such each bottle is made with care and attention to detail. Our products are of the highest quality.


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